gadgets, slim-look and trend

image001Not only slim look and appearance is being part of every girls’ dreams, but the gadget designers have been crazy about creating slim look too. Have you paid attention to gadgets technology innovation lately ? Have you also paid attention to ‘slim look trend’ around ?

Just take a look around us almost all the brand new stuffs promoted the slim look in their designs. Digital cameras with their high specification and slim look. Cell-phones slim designs that can even put in our small and tight pants pockets, and even notebooks which appear in slim designs. And if slim notebook is not enough. A 24 carat gold layering has been applied to the whole surface of the notebook or iPhone.

Hmm…. I guess speaking about geek and technology will never have an end, same case like speaking about β€˜slim’ topic with girls πŸ˜€ .


I’m lousy in gaming

When I was still kid until high school, me and some friends of mine were still dealing with some kinds of games, but after working like now, I feel like loosing ‘feel’ for it. Though eventually, sometimes when I spend my time gaming, all the sensation and the rush has come back again.

That time video game was considered as one of a cool gadget a kid should have, and it seems that today it still is πŸ˜€ . It happens that I have a brother, he’s my older brother, and I just followed gaming, it was all up to him to choose the kinds. So I’m sure you could all guest what it was, yepp !!! mostly it was about racing, adventure, some battles stuff and off course soccer. If I wasn’t mistaken the name of the soccer game is winning eleven :D.

If I may memorize it back, I still remember when I tried a racing game. The display window of the game was layered in three dimension layers, we must choose the character and the country origin. Then we must set up our car, like the brake setting and suspension setting, it was really like pro.

If I may say it was like watching ‘Tokyo drift’ πŸ˜€ . But my oh my… I always loose the game hahaha…….. I guess gaming is indeed beyond my ability

The Spirit toys

Movie The Spirit has been released on screen last year, but The Spirit action figures was published three months before the movie. Have you found out about it ? If you haven’t, here I’m gonna post about it. A bit out-of-fashion post perhaps, but it’s no problem for me πŸ˜€ .

Here are some figures of The Spirit toys, which all are in 17 cm height.

The Spirit

The Spirit in the main character in this movie. The Spirit figure is actually a detective named Danny Colt.

Danny Colt told as had been murdered, and arise from the death to erase crime. The Spirit in this figure is wearing official custom.

He wears long black mantle with hat and mask that covers half part of his face. The only one that looks striking is the read tie he wears, waving by the wind.

This action figure has 19 articulation points in his body, including his hand position that be formed differently, according to his fighting poses. This action figure is also accompanied by his cat pet.

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Go for concert ? don’t bother with your ticket !!

Art, I love Art in any kinds. Music, drama, pure drama, dances, anything. But music ? wow, it’s the one I love the most. Music is like magic to me, it’s like music can set my mood, it’s pretty good for everything, in low or high times. And yeah, that includes attending live music πŸ˜€ .

Rock music, in ballads or vintage, and some groovy,Β  is the rhythm in my top list. Apparently a lot other people like this music too, the fact is – besides sport tournaments – sometimes it’s hard to get concert tickets. Sometimes we even have to get into a long queue in front of box office, it’s exhausted and boring. No wonder many people these days order tickets online.
In modern world like now, it’s not hard to find online tickets provider.

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Friday on tivi

Thank God it’s Friday. Hmm… nearly hard not to say it in every fridays. Coz you know what ? Fridays mean by everytime I got from office, then I’mΒ  gonna be free for two days off. Most of you get it too right ?. I hope you do πŸ™‚ .

But unlike last Friday where I have gotten plans to go out with my two old friends, tonight I have no plan at all. Apparently I’m gonna just stay home sweetly, with a cup of cappuccino, a box of chocolate, and enjoying this magic box called television πŸ™‚ .

You know what ? I can stand hours watching tivi, whether it’s playing movies or series, in almost all kinds of genre. Continue reading

vegas in my mind

Crossing mind in the first sudden when dealing with Vegas, my mouth will spontaniously scream ‘the city lights !! πŸ˜€ ‘ . I remember some tivi serial and movies was taken in Vegas as the setting, and opening scene was the lighting galore of some hotels and casinos there.

I thought to my self that time ‘hmm…there has got to be very expensive living in those’. But recently I’ve just found out that the cheap vegas hotels is already been here. It is hard to believe since the city look so much luxurious, like Luxor and Mandalay for example. Have any of you remember Mandalay ? This hotel has ever been used for some movies productions. For this season, Mandalay has offered the Mandalay Bay Cheap Rates, that is a free staying the third nights, in selected dated between november 23rd 2008 and January 4th 2009 for two nights.

While the Luxor cheap rates has also covered third-night free staying, after two nights staying during Luxor winter offer. Wow…journey to vegas must be fun. With the facilities and so many city sites to visit, I am sure staying in hotels for some nights will be something real. But it feels like Vegas is so far from this country. Perhaps later on if I win some prize, I will use it to go to vegas πŸ˜€ .